Basque Establishment

Basque families started to come to Nevada in pursuit of the gold rush. Originally from Spain, many moved throughout the wars to South America. From there, men who had tried their luck raising sheep, would move to California and continue over the Sierras to Nevada, with hopes of making money and returning home.

Initially working for the mines, they soon realized they could raise sheep and sell the meat to mining companies, in order to feed their employees. Because of this, the Basque farmers became established in Nevada.

Familiar Favorites

The Santa Fe Hotel was originally opened in 1949 by the Zubillaga family. The hotel became home to many immigrants who were looking for a community. The Santa Fe restaurant was a bustling place to dine and drink familiar picon punches. The tradition continues with new owner and restaurateur, Denis Banks.

The Tradition Continues

Family-style dinner traditions continue nightly at The Santa Fe Hotel. With specials such as beef tongue, oxtail, and paella, we hope to bring authentic Basque food to you. Come in and enjoy delish food, classic cocktails, and conversations with Reno’s finest community members.